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The transmittal page allows users to search for various OPM memorandums to Chief Human Capital Officers, HR Directors and Heads of Agencies. Users can search by year and/or keyword.

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Title Datesort ascending From Print Version Reference ID Stakeholders
1996 Annual Review of Special Salary Rates Thursday, January 2, 1997 Donald J. Winstead, Assistant Director for Compensation Policy CPM 97-01 Other Stakeholders
Guidance on Administratively Uncontrollable Overtime (AUO) Pay Monday, December 30, 1996 Donald J. Winstead, Assistant Director for Compensation Policy CPM 96-19 Other Stakeholders
January 1997 Pay Adjustments Friday, December 27, 1996 Donald J. Winstead Assistant Director for Compensation Policy CPM 96-18 Other Stakeholders
Questionnaire on Sick Leave for Family Care or Bereavement Purposes Friday, December 20, 1996 Allan D. Heuerman, Associate Director for Human Resources Systems CPM 96-17 Other Stakeholders