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Workforce Planning Conference – Sept 7, 2000

Tuesday, August 8, 2000
MSG 2000-068
Human Resources Directors
Workforce Planning Conference – Sept 7, 2000

Attached is a flyer announcing the Workforce Planning Conference scheduled for Sept 7, 2000. This Conference is co-sponsored by the Human Resources Management Council and the Office of Personnel Management.

Please note that "Anyone involved in workforce planning is encouraged to attend."

We are looking for representatives from large agencies, small agencies, and major subcomponents of Departments. In addition to the HR community, we hope to see representatives attend from other disciplines who are involved in workforce planning; e.g., budgeting, strategic planning, training.

For more information regarding the Conference, contact Cristina Frias (202) 606-0804 or Tina Strickland (202) 606-1428.

Please assist us in sharing the flyer within your agency.