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USA Staffing

Friday, August 31, 2001
MSG 2001-061a
Human Resources Directors
Richard A. Whitford, Acting Associate Director for Employment
USA Staffing

Dear Human Resources Director:

The Office of Personnel Management has offered our automated human resource staffing system, USA Staffing, to Federal agencies throughout the current fiscal year. USA Staffing is a user-friendly, web-enabled software that completely automates recruitment, assessment, referral, and applicant notification processes, while meeting the requirements of the Federal Government's personnel laws and regulations. It provides for all hiring options under Merit Promotion and Delegating Examining, including the new Career Intern Program. It enables staffing offices to maintain large applicant inventories efficiently, while utilizing a wide range of applicant evaluation methods including competency-based evaluations, structured interviews, candidate assessment centers, and assessments of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Most importantly, it tracks processing times and produces management reports to help you understand and improve hiring practices.

Over 15 Federal agencies have adopted USA Staffing nationwide. Our partnership with these agencies has contributed significantly to the advancement of USA Staffing and has resulted in an even more powerful automated solution for public sector hiring. We have enjoyed working with these agencies and look forward to developing partnerships with additional Federal agencies in Fiscal year 2002.

We believe USA Staffing is an ideal system for virtually all Federal human resource offices, and we want other Federal agencies to share in the benefits of our continuing development efforts. Therefore, we will host several USA Staffing informational briefings at OPM Headquarters during the week of September 10th for those agencies seeking to procure the latest technology in public sector hiring. Even if you have already attended a USA Staffing briefing, you will receive valuable information at the briefing update. We will discuss how our customers are using USA Staffing, new features and upgrades, and future enhancements. You will be impressed by the results our customers have already achieved with USA Staffing and by the ambitious goals we have set for future development of the system.

The Director of the Office of Personnel Management invites you and your staff to attend these briefings to learn about the recent developments in USA Staffing, such as our new, dynamic, on-line application and documents manager, and the future of automating the public sector hiring process. Simply complete the attached registration form and fax it back to us. Please plan to attend the session of your choice. We look forward to seeing you there. We have enclosed a fact sheet and pricing information for your review of USA Staffing -- the system that works for us and can work for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Marvin Middleton at (202) 606-3284.


Richard A. Whitford
Acting Associate Director
for Employment



U.S. Office of Personnel Management

We invite you to attend one of the 90-minute USA Staffing update briefings at OPM's Central Office during the week of September 10th. You may bring additional HR staff members or managers who would benefit from such a briefing. To attend, simply complete the information below and FAX it back to us. We will try to accommodate your first choice of dates and will contact you if your first choice is not available because of seating capacity.

The update briefings will be very informative. We will present USA Staffing success stories, new features and upgrades, and future enhancements. You will have an opportunity to ask our current users, information technology experts, and policy/program manager whatever questions you may have about USA Staffing.

If you are seeking the latest technology in public sector hiring, you will find this briefing to be extremely valuable. USA Staffing is the most powerful tool for getting the best-qualified candidates for public sector employment. It can modernize the way you hire.

All demonstrations will be held at OPM Central Office, Theodore Roosevelt Building, 1900

E Street. Demonstration Dates: (please indicate a first (1) and second (2) choice of dates)

Thursday, September 13th at 9:30 a.m. Room 1416 _____

Friday, September 14th at 1:30 p.m. Room 1416 _____

NAME: __________________________________ TITLE _______________________

AGENCY ________________________________

Phone Number for contact purpose re date selection change: ________________

E-mail address to which we can send additional information:

Number who will attend: ___________

Number of your attendees who have seen a previous demo of USA Staffing: ___________

FAX THIS COMPLETED FORM TO: Marvin Middleton at 202-606-5049

An image of a map of the United States of America.USA STAFFING: An Automated Solution for Public Sector Hiring

What is USA Staffing?

A single, integrated software solution that provides the most cost effective means of getting the best-qualified candidates for public sector employment. The complex staffing process of the public sector is simplified with this user-friendly, web-enabled software that completely automates the recruitment, assessment, referral, and notification processes. It can be used for all public sector hiring methods, and is flexible enough to adapt to the unique needs of your merit promotion program as well as your Delegated Examining Unit (DEU).

Will USA Staffing increase my organization's efficiency?

  • Allows you to generate a vacancy announcement that with one click uploads to the USAJOBS database.
  • Aids development of assessment tools that meet the requirements of the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures.
  • Accepts applications by internet, mail, or fax.
  • Assesses applicant competencies and qualifications.
  • Rates and ranks job applicants (and automatically flags the records of applicants requiring adjudication of Veteran's preference or CTAP/ICTAP eligibility).
  • Maintains easy-to-read applicant records that allow for quick quality and consistency reviews.
  • Issues and audits referral lists.
  • Notifies applicants of the status of their processed application and referral for employment consideration.
  • Enhances your ability to quickly respond to inquiries from applicants and selecting officials.
  • Ensures compliance with appropriate rules, regulations and guidelines of public sector hiring.
  • Generates management reports, both standard and ad hoc.

For more information about USA Staffing, contact your local OPM Service Center.

How will USA Staffing meet my organization's needs?

  • USA Staffing adapts to the requirements of your merit promotion and DEU program.
  • Supports applicant inventories (registers) and case examining.
  • Allows for multiple assessment options (e.g. task, KSA, or competency-based crediting plans, structured interview scores, written test scores).
  • Accessible via any Web-enabled personal computer. Conducive to work sharing in multiple locations.
  • Microsoft Word interface provides time saving short cuts by building assessment tools from your existing library of rating schedules.

Why is USA Staffing a good value?

  • Reduces staff time and expense associated with sorting through stacks of unqualified resumes.
  • Monitors time frames at each phase of the staffing process.
  • Supports accountability by documenting the staffing process.
  • Identifies areas for process improvement.
  • Training and technical support provided by a team of OPM specialists.
  • Very reasonable price. Help desk assistance and training is included.

Price Schedule and Agreement

An image of a map of the United States of America.

The Automated Solution for Public Sector Hiring

USA Staffing Agreement

Under this agreement OPM will provide:

  • Access to the USA Staffing system, with all current and future software updates, for the stipulated number of users, for the life of the subscription
  • Third party licenses as may be required for connectivity and security
  • User Guides for each user
  • Initial user training for each licensed user (for persons who already have a foundation in Federal staffing and their own computer hardware)
  • Telephone and email Help Desk assistance
  • Free processing of applications received online via USAJOBS*

This agreement covers use of the USA Staffing solely by:

Organization: ______________________________________________

Point of Contact (POC): ______________________________________

Phone Number for POC (commercial only): _______________________

Email for POC: _____________________________________________

Number of users to be Licensed: ____________

The above organization agrees to pay an annual subscription based on the number of users and the current USA Staffing Pricing Guide, and this agreement will remain in effect as long as funding is renewed annually. OPM may adjust prices from time to time, but will provide 90 days notice when doing so. The organization is prohibited from assigning rights or delegating access to the system to persons not licensed, and must abide by all third party licenses secured by OPM on its behalf. This agreement does not cover any hardware needed; hardware requirements are in "Connecting with USA Staffing."

If additional training or technical assistance is needed, it will be covered under a separate agreement, following the USA Staffing Pricing Guide.

OPM Disclaimer: Neither OPM, nor any of its managers, employees, officers, or agents accept any responsibility for the use of the USA Staffing software by the purchaser.

The complete Agreement includes: 1) this form; 2) OPM Form 1616, Interagency / Intergovernmental Agreement; and 3) the USA Staffing Pricing Guide and Order Form.



Name and title printed: ____________________________________________________

Signature: ______________________________________________________________

Date: _______________________


Name and title printed: ____________________________________________________

Signature: ______________________________________________________________

Date: _______________________

USA Staffing

Pricing Guide and Order Form
Service Price Quantity
Access to USA Staffing system
  • USA Staffing and updates
  • Third party connectivity and security software licensing
  • User Guide
  • Initial User Training for all licensed users
  • Telephone and email Help Desk Assistance
  • Free processing of applications received online via USAJOBS*
$5275 per user annually
Supplemental Classroom Training

Additional classroom and "hands-on" system training which would be specifically designed to assist with unique training needs or agency specific circumstances.

$100 per hour plus travel and per diem
Supplemental On-Line Training

Supplemental USA Staffing training (in addition to the standard training that is part of the initial user training) that may be requested by an agency and conducted on-line by OPM through NetMeeting, through teleconferencing, or through a local OPM Service Center's facilities.

$100 per hour
USA Staffing Consulting Services

Consulting services involving compliance with CFR requirements, and technical advice and assistance with candidate assessment tool development, vacancy announcement creation, use of multi-component assessments and design of various recruitment strategies.

$100 per hour
*Special Application Processing

In addition to the free processing of applications received online via USAJOBS, OPM can receive and process applications for you in other formats, saving you effort. These include:

  • Mailed -- Qualifications and Availability Form
  • Faxed -- Qualifications and Availability Form
  • Applications received via Telephone Application Processing

OPM will also assist agencies to set up their own scanning operation for processing forms, and loading these applications to USA Staffing.

Details upon request
Customized Assistance Services
  • Occupational analyses
  • Assessment Tool Design
  • Recruitment Assistance
  • Organizational Design
Cost quote upon request
Total Cost: