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Three Final Job Family Position Classification Standards Issued for Application

Friday, January 5, 2001
MSG 2001-004
Human Resources Directors
Henry Romero, Associate Director for Workforce Compensation and Performance
Three Final Job Family Position Classification Standards Issued for Application

I am very pleased to announce that our Office of Performance and Compensation Systems Design has issued three final job family position classification standards for application, as outlined below. They have been distributed directly to your classification chiefs and will be available on the OPM web site shortly.

  • Job Family Standard for Administrative Work in the Human Resources Management Group, GS-0200
  • Job Family Standard for Assistance Work in the Human Resources Management Group, GS-0200

These two classification standards cover our own human resources (HR) work. We believe these new standards will work well to support your efforts to provide the services your agencies depend upon to achieve your strategic goals. And they represent a significant step forward in the joint OPM and Human Resources Management Council efforts to enhance the HR profession.

I particularly want to thank you and your staffs for all the work you did to review, test and comment on the draft standards and to complete our final quick turnaround review last fall. We found all the suggestions helpful and used them to make many changes, including clarifying factor level descriptions, changing the names of the parenthetical specialty titles, and improving the illustrations. As you know, we have taken care to ensure that the classification standards clearly accommodate the new roles that your staff are carrying out as full business partners in your agencies. At the same time, we have kept the standards flexible enough to cover a variety of approaches to providing HR services and support.

  • Job Family Standard for Professional and Administrative Work in the Accounting and Budget Group, GS-0500

This classification standard has been developed in cooperation with the Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Council. It represents the kind of collaborative effort with relevant stakeholder groups that we are using to develop these job family standards throughout the Federal occupational structure. In particular, this standard reflects important changes in the nature of this work and its regulatory environment. We know that many of you supported your CFOs in their work on this effort, and we appreciate that support.

Please refer questions concerning these or other job family position classification standards to Winford G. Hooker or Delmar D. White at (202) 606-2950 or by email to or, respectively.

You will be able to access these standards from several Federal Classification System web pages:

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