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Telework and Dependent Care Guidance

Friday, December 9, 2016
Telework and Dependent Care Guidance

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management is releasing an addendum to existing guidance contained in “The Guide to Telework in the Federal Government.” The intent of this guidance on telework and dependent care is to provide Federal agencies with the appropriate tools to serve a contemporary workforce in a manner that meets the needs of employees while being responsive to agency mission requirements.  The focus is on the use of telework as a workplace flexibility to support employees with caregiving responsibilities, especially minor children and/or adult dependents for whom an employee provides services essential to their health, well-being, and/or activities of daily living. 

The Federal Government is a leader in the use of innovative workplace flexibilities, including telework.  In order to attract and retain a talented, engaged, and productive workforce, the Federal Government recognizes the importance of family and is committed to assisting Federal employees in balancing their work and family responsibilities.  Providing employees with flexibilities and work-life supports to meet the demands of their work and personal responsibilities is a key driver of engagement and improved organizational results. 

While Federal telework programs are established primarily to meet agency mission and operational needs, telework has become an important flexibility that enhances work-life balance and improves morale for many Federal employees. 

This guidance also will be posted on the telework website:  If you have any questions about this guidance, please contact Veronica Givens ( or Julie Brill ( 

cc:  CHCOs, Deputy CHCOs, Offices of Diversity and Inclusion, and the Council of the Inspector Generals on Integrity and Efficiency