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Support for our Military Men and Women

Wednesday, October 31, 2001
MSG 2001-090a
Human Resources Directors
Sandra Payne, Chair, Human Resources Management Council
Support for our Military Men and Women

Last week, the employees in our agency held a series of events to kick-off our "adoption" of the USS Theodore Roosevelt. It is our plan to provide moral support to the ship's crew and their families back home during the carrier's six-month deployment.

At a rally we had on Friday, October 26, Mrs. Richard O'Hanlon, the wife of the ship's Commanding Officer, not only expressed the crew's appreciation for our support, but also emphasized the importance of our involvement at this crucial time.

Every year, our military troops in every branch look forward to receiving letters and care packages from citizens back home. Due to the current unfortunate circumstances, mail deliveries from the general public to service men and women have been halted, including "Dear Abby's" annual letter drive to our troops overseas. The only mail our military men and women may receive this holiday season will be those from family, friends, and those designated organizations that have partnerships with specific ships or other military units.

I wanted to share this information with you with the thought that your agency might wish to help fill this void by establishing a similar relationship to support our troops. If you or your staff would like more information about how your agency can begin this type of program, they may contact Sharon Williams on 202-606-1216.

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