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Friday, November 2, 2001
MSG 2001-094a
Human Resources Directors
K. Joyce Edwards, Director, OERM

Today, our Director, Kay Coles James, sent a memorandum to agency heads encouraging use of SES SOARS, the Senior Executive Opportunity and Resume System. We want to work with you, your staff, and your Senior Executives to create a system which fosters voluntary SES mobility - a system which gives executives easy access to opportunities and helps agencies fill their SES vacancies quickly.

As you know, we have been gathering a core group of executives' resumes and agencies' opportunities in SES SOARS for the last few months. While hundreds of SES members have requested and been granted access through our word-of-mouth efforts, few have actually posted their resumes. We created this web-based tool in response to requests from individual SES members and HR professionals for a "meeting place" where agencies and executives could find out about each other. We need your help to make it an active site, and there are three specific ways you can help. First, post your agency's opportunities. As you identify permanent and temporary vacancies, short-term projects, emergency needs, and other opportunities, list them in SES SOARS. With a wealth of opportunities, SES SOARS will become the first place executives look for new challenges.

Second, encourage your Senior Executives and certified Candidate Development Program (CDP) graduates to post their resumes in SES SOARS. The "yearbook" of skilled executives will grow and provide a rich source of seasoned professionals. As CDP graduates use SES SOARS to find positions, mobility will be a more common feature in the SES culture.

Third, help us promote executive mobility within your executive corps. Like any tool, SES SOARS will only be effective if it is used. To achieve this goal, we will need to work together to emphasize the benefits of executive mobility and to foster a change in the SES culture. We are prepared to address your SES members, HR professionals, ERB boards or any combination of individuals or groups. At the last Executive Resources Network meeting on October 30, we asked your agency representative to sign up for a presentation on a convenient date and time.

If you have any questions, please contact Joe Riddle, the Director of the SES Learning Center. Joe can be reached at (202) 606-1959,

Letters from OPM Director, Kay Coles James