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Revised Qualification Standard for GS-1410, Librarian Series

Wednesday, January 3, 2001
MSG 2001-003
Human Resources Directors
Carol J. Okin, Associate Director for Employment
Revised Qualification Standard for GS-1410, Librarian Series

Attached is a copy of the revised qualification standard for the GS-1410, Librarian series that was developed in conjunction with the Federal Library and Information Center Committee (FLICC).

Effective immediately, the new standard can be used when filling positions with applicants who are not currently competitive service, GS-1410 employees. However, we are providing a

6-month period for full agency implementation of these new requirements when filling positions from the outside, in order to accommodate situations where you may need some additional time. Therefore, agencies should implement the standard as soon as possible, but no later than June 1, 2001.

The new standard will be incorporated into the Operating Manual for Qualification Standards for General Schedule Positions as it appears on the Office of Personnel Management=s web site at If you have any questions, please contact Cynthia Diane at (202) 606-1696.


United States Office of Personnel Management

Operating Manual

Qualification Standards for General Schedule Positions

Individual Occupational Requirements for

GS-1410: Librarian Series

Revised Standard! Effective January 1, 2001

Basic Requirements:

All librarians must meet the requirements for professional education in library science or possess equivalent experience and education as shown for GS-7; however, as a standard practice, applicants enter at grade GS-9 on the basis of a master's degree in library science.

Since many libraries are highly specialized, some librarian positions require a knowledge of a specialized subject or field of endeavor. Also, since materials in libraries are often in foreign languages, some librarians must have a proficient knowledge of one or more foreign languages. For such positions, applicants must meet requirements that are directly related to the subject matter or language of the specialization. These requirements are in addition to the basic professional library science requirements that apply to all positions. However, these requirements may be included in or supplemental to those specified for all positions. The following specializations are authorized: biological, medical, social or physical sciences, education, fine arts, business and industry, humanities, law, music, engineering, and the Germanic, Slavic, Oriental, Semitic, or Romance languages.

For GS-7: Applicants must meet the requirements specified in paragraphs A or B below.

    A. Completion of 1 full academic year of graduate study in library science in an accredited college or university, in addition to completion of all work required for a bachelor's degree;


    B. A total of at least 5 years of a combination of college-level education, training, and experience. To qualify on this basis, the applicant must establish conclusively that the education, training, and experience provided a knowledge and understanding of the theories, principles, and techniques of professional librarianship; a knowledge of literature resources; and the knowledge and abilities essential for providing effective library and information services.

Additional Education And Experience Requirements for Positions at GS-9 and Above

In addition to meeting the basic entry qualification requirements, applicants must have directly related education and/or specialized experience in the amounts required for the grade level as shown in the following table.

GS-9 2 full years of progressively higher level graduate education or master's in library science or equivalent graduate degree, e.g., LL.B. or J.D., related to the position. 1 year equivalent to at least GS-7
GS-11 3 full years of progressively higher level graduate education in library science or doctoral degree (Ph.D. or equivalent) related to the position 1 year equivalent to at least GS-9
GS-12 and above None 1 year equivalent to at least next lower grade level
Note: Equivalent combinations of education and experience are qualifying for all grade levels for which both education and experience are acceptable.

Evaluation of Specialized Experience (for positions at GS-9 and above):

Experience must have demonstrated the ability to perform, supervise, or direct one or more of the functional areas of work covered by this series; to understand the concepts, theories, new developments, and co-relationship of information in related fields; and to maintain up-to-date information on the state of the art. For positions where foreign language proficiency is needed, applicants must be able to read and/or translate material in the appropriate specialized subject-matter field.

For Librarian (appropriate specialization): Applicants must also possess specialized knowledge of a subject-matter field and/or proficiency in one or more foreign languages directly related to the position(s) being filled. When such knowledge is required for the position, an applicant's education or experience must have included or been supplemented by the requirements specified in one of the paragraphs below:

    a. A full 4-year course of study in an accredited college or university that meets all academic requirements for a bachelor's degree that included at least 24 semester hours in the specialized field for which the applicant is being considered, e.g., physical science, biological science, social science; or that included any combination of subjects with at least 15 semester hours in a major subject (such as physics or chemistry) that is especially applicable to the position for which the applicant is being considered; or

    b. Completion of at least 24 semester hours of legal study in an accredited law school for positions primarily concerned with providing library services in law or legislative reference; or

    c. Four years of pertinent experience of such nature and level to provide a knowledge of the basic principles, theories, practices, techniques, terminology and expressions of the appropriate discipline or subject-matter field; an understanding of the standard methods, procedures, and techniques of research and analysis in the subject-matter field; ability to acquire additional information about the field and related fields; and some knowledge of literature resources in the field.

    Such experience should be equivalent to that which would have been acquired through successful completion of a full 4-year curriculum in an accredited college or university with major study in appropriate subjects, or combination of subjects, as specified in (a) above; or legal training as specified in (b) above; or

    d. Any time equivalent combination of experience as described in (c) with education as described in (a) or (b) above; or

    e. Demonstrated ability as shown by education or experience to read or translate information from one or more foreign languages into English.


For supervisory positions, see the "Qualification Standard for Supervisory Positions" in Section IV-A of this Manual. For positions concerned with administration, management, or direction of library programs, candidates must meet all other requirements for the particular grade and also show that they possess the required administrative and/or managerial ability to perform successfully the duties of such positions. Education, training, or experience of the candidate should demonstrate, e.g., ability to manage or direct a library, group of libraries, or library system; ability to plan, organize, and direct the development and execution of library programs, policies, and procedures; ability to plan or conduct management studies, public relations, and educational activities, ability to plan, develop and carry out administrative activities of the library or library system concerned with budget and finance, personnel, plant and equipment, etc.