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Request for Panel Members for the Presidential Management Intern Assessment Process

Monday, October 21, 2002
Human Resources Directors
Richard A. Whitford, Acting Associate Director for Employment
Request for Panel Members for the Presidential Management Intern Assessment Process

Thank you for the outstanding support you provided during last year's Presidential Management Intern (PMI) Assessment Center process held in Washington , DC . For the upcoming cycle, we will again need your full support in identifying volunteers to serve as panel members.

There are three components to the PMI assessment center: an individual presentation, a group discussion, and a writing exercise. The PMI assessment center process will entail a three-member panel comprised of a representative from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and two Federal agency representatives. The three-member panel will observe and evaluate PMI candidates on the group discussion and individual presentation. The writing exercise will be evaluated separately by different assessors. The PMI Assessment Center process is unique in the D.C. area because of the large number of students requesting to be assessed and the fact that we are operating several assessment centers daily.

Volunteers for the assessment process should be at the GS-13 or higher grade levels and possess strong analytical, observational, and note-taking skills. Training sessions will be conducted on November 12 and 14 of 2002 at OPM Headquarters, 1900 E Street NW, Washington , DC . Attendance at one of these session will be required for participation in this year's process.

Please distribute the attached nomination form throughout your Washington , DC metropolitan area and Baltimore locations. If you would like an electronic copy of this form, you may e-mail Mary I. Coleman at Completed nomination forms should be faxed to (202) 606-0264 or e-mailed to Ms. Coleman. Please return all volunteer nomination forms by close of business, November 1, 2002 .

The PMI Program has been fortunate to have the support of the Federal community in the past, and we appreciate your continued interest, support and participation


Washington, DC Metropolitan Area

Volunteers must be able to make a minimum commitment of 2 days of their time during the period of January 6 through February 28, 2003 . A commitment for any additional days is greatly appreciated.

The following staff member will participate in the PMI Assessment Center panel process in Washington , DC .

NAME: __________________________________________________

TITLE: __________________________________________________

AGENCY: _________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ________________________________________________



OFFICE PHONE: ___________________________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS: _________________________________________

FAX NUMBER: ____________________________________________

TRAINING AVAILABILITY: November 12th ______ OR November 14th ______

During the period of January 6 through February 28, 2003 , I will not be available on the following dates:



Please fax or e-mail this form to Mary I. Coleman as each is completed, but no later than November 1, 2002 . Her fax number is (202) 606-0264. Her e-mail address is