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Reminder to Maintain Current Strategic Human Capital Plans

Thursday, July 1, 2010
Chief Human Capital Officers
John Berry, Director
Reminder to Maintain Current Strategic Human Capital Plans

As your agency develops its strategic plan or encounter changes in organizational priorities, it is also important to update your Strategic Human Capital Plan.  The Strategic Human Capital Plan (SHCP) is required by regulations (5 CFR 250.203), but more fundamentally, it sets forth the strategies for a vibrant human resources management (HRM) program that supports mission objectives.

The SHCP outlines your human capital goals and objectives, workforce analysis, and performance measures and milestones to assess progress and results.   It also serves as the overarching strategy document for Hiring Reform, Veterans Employment, Work/Life and other key HRM initiatives. 

We look forward to reviewing your Strategic Human Capital Plan in the very near future.  If you need support in developing your plan or have questions about it, please contact your Office of Personnel Management Human Capital Officer.