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OPM E-Government Initiative Recruitment One-Stop Update

Thursday, April 24, 2003
Human Resources Directors
Kay Coles James, Director
OPM E-Government Initiative Recruitment One-Stop Update

I am pleased to announce that the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and its partner agencies are making tremendous progress in implementing the OPM E-Government Initiative, Recruitment One-Stop.

Beginning in late spring of this year and continuing through late summer, the USAJOBS Federal Employment Information System will be completely transformed. Immediately upon launch both job seekers and agency users will enjoy a new user interface, greatly improved job searching, and enhanced tools for managing both applications and job postings. Following on in mid and late-summer releases will be the addition of dramatically improved vacancy announcements, on-line application status tracking, and seamless integration of the job application process with agency automated assessment tools. Please see the attached update fact sheet for specific details. I encourage you to share this information widely with your Human Resources staff.

The transformation of USAJOBS will promote the Federal Government's ability to find the new talent, new energy, and new creativity needed to do the work of the 21st century.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of this key E-Government initiative.

Update Fact Sheet

Attachment 1

E-Government Initiative Recruitment One-Stop


Great news! USAJOBS is being transformed. Through the E-Government initiative Recruitment One-Stop, the USAJOBS Federal Employment Information System is about to be redesigned and modernized to provide genuine one-stop service to Federal job seekers and enhanced recruiting tools to Federal human resources (HR) professionals.

In late spring 2003, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management E-Government initiative, Recruitment One-Stop, will implement the first major milestone in the transformation process. At that time, both applicants and Federal recruiters will have access to a new, redesigned system that will offer all of the current functionality of USAJOBS as well as new technology available from our chosen service provider, Monster Government Solutions. The April unveiling is only the first milestone in a multi-phased project that will ultimately provide both job seekers and HR professionals with tools on par with the best practices found in the public or private sector.

Initiative Objectives

The goal of Recruitment One-Stop is to position the Federal government as the first stop for job seekers by creating an on-line experience that offers all of the features sophisticated job seekers have come to expect from commercial sites. HR professionals will have new recruiter tools that will enable them to identify top candidates more easily and to manage the recruiting process more effectively.

The key to understanding Recruitment One-Stop lies in the word one. Upon project completion, there will be one job search engine for competitive service Federal job postings; one standard display for vacancy announcements; and one resume builder to create the basic application document. The end result will benefit citizens by providing a more efficient process to locate and apply for jobs, and assist Federal agencies in hiring top talent in a competitive marketplace. Ultimately, we hope to see improvement in the quality level of new hires and potentially a reduction in the amount of time required to source candidates.

Impact on Federal Agencies

In addition to improved services and features to job seekers, Recruitment One-Stop will also provide improvements in functionality for Federal HR offices. In some cases, these improvements necessitate a level of standardization because of technology or process requirements. We believe the overall impact of the changes will be beneficial for individual Federal agencies and the HR Community as a whole. Key project enhancements and changes are as follows:

  • Vacancy Announcements: Announcements will follow standard, concise formats, with more detailed information available by means of electronic "hyperlinks." Information common to all agencies is being revised and improved, and will be offered as a "standard language" capability. Agency job entry methods will be comparable to current capability, although the goal is to develop additional tools to make the process simpler and faster.
  • Resume and Application Process: Applicants will use a new resume template covering all information normally needed to make basic qualifications and eligibility determinations. By project completion, this resume will serve as the basic application for all position open to outside applicants. As a result, agencies will be required to accept electronic resumes. Agencies may still require applicants to submit additional information/forms specific to agency needs — and USAJOBS will remind job seekers that the full application process requires more than information contained in the basic electronic resume.
  • Improved Applicant to Job Matching: The new site will allow job seekers to better match their skills with job openings through improved job search criteria. The site will also provide basic eligibility screening. Questions will address issues such as citizenship, age, or special occupational requirements, e.g., need to carry firearms; they will not deal with qualitative skill issues. By providing applicants with "up-front" notification that they do not meet basic criteria, we expect fewer clearly ineligible applicants to apply for consideration.
  • Applicant Database Mining: Using a variety of search criteria, agencies will have the option of searching and reviewing the resumes of consenting applicants in the USAJOBS database. This feature will be particularly valuable in locating candidates for hard-to-fill positions by capturing "passive" job seekers who have resumes on file, but who may not have thought of looking for opportunities within a particular agency, job field, or location.
  • Applicant Status Tracking: From the USAJOBS web site, job seekers will be able to access basic information about the status of announcements for which they have applied. The application status tracker will address major milestones in the recruitment process, for example: closing and/or cancellation date, date of candidate referral, and point of selection.

Potential Workload Impacts

The Recruitment One-Stop initiative is focused on the front end of the hiring process — attracting candidates to the Federal Government and simplifying the initial application process. We are committed to successfully integrating with back end hiring tools such as RESUMIX, Quick Hire, USA Staffing, Avue, and COOL. Upon full realization of the Recruitment One-Stop enhancements (September 2003) we expect job postings, resumes, and applicant status tracking data to flow seamlessly between USAJOBS and agency-side systems. It is our goal and commitment to achieve integration in a way that will not require redundant key entry from HR offices. Where agencies do not have automated staffing and hiring systems in place, procedures will be established to allow for manual entry of required information. Because the Recruitment One-Stop initiative will improve both the process and availability of on-line application for job seekers, agencies should also anticipate an increase in application volume.

What's NOT Changing

  • The system name and website address will remain USAJOBS (
  • As in the past, agencies must continue to list all competitive service jobs open to non-agency employees on USAJOBS (5 U.S.C 3327 and 3330). Agencies have the option of submitting announcements for excepted service positions or for positions open only to agency employees — but are not required to do so.
  • Beyond publicizing job opportunities through USAJOBS, agencies may continue posting job openings on other commercial or non-commercial web sites if additional publicity or awareness is desired. USAJOBS will not automatically "push" postings out to other web sites.
  • Agencies may continue using pages on their agency websites as employment marketing tools. These pages may contain information about the benefits of employment with the organization, supplemental application forms, and other instructions on filing a complete application. Vacancy announcements can contain links to these sites.
  • Agency recruiting pages can continue to connect to agency specific search pages on USAJOBS.
  • Where processes are currently automated, such as the submission of vacancy announcements to USAJOBS, the automation capability will remain unchanged.
  • Applicants without electronic access will still be able to access USAJOBS announcements through OPM's telephone system.
  • Applicants may still submit paper or other non-Internet based applications to agencies. When the initiative is fully implemented, these applications will be submitted through OPM and subsequently be converted to an electronic format for transmission and integration with agency staffing tools.

Next Steps

Between now and September 2003, when the USAJOBS enhancements are scheduled for full implementation and availability, we will continue to provide you with the information and training. Shortly before migration of the current USAJOBS system onto the new platform, we will release a number of communications to both job seekers and Agency HR specialists. At "go live" we will have a variety of help mechanisms in place for job seekers. On the agency side, we will provide dedicated customer support via downloadable manuals; on-line tutorials; 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST toll-free telephone assistance; remote desktop diagnosis and assistance; and, on a selected basis, live training.

We will keep you informed of the project's status and notify you of training activities, media events, and other significant developments. In the meantime, if you have questions or would like to learn more about Recruitment One-Stop, please access our website at or send an email to

We are excited about these improvements to the Government's recruitment service. We look forward to implementing these enhancements with you!