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Nominations for Presidential Rank Awards

Friday, May 17, 2013
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Elaine Kaplan, Acting Director
Nominations for Presidential Rank Awards

Federal senior executive employees perform valuable services on behalf of the American public and those with the highest level of sustained performance deserve recognition for their contributions.  The Presidential Rank Award was established by statute in 1978 as a means of recognizing that performance.  This memorandum serves as a call for agency nominations for those whose service merits the highest level of recognition through a Presidential Rank Award.  Nominations this fiscal year are due two calendar weeks from the date of this memorandum.  Inspectors General should nominate executives separately from their parent agencies through the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency.  In light of the current fiscal conditions, heads of Federal organizations should carefully consider all nominations and should expect an extremely rigorous review process.  Although it is critical to recognize exceptional Federal service, the current budgetary climate may unfortunately constrain the ability to provide monetary awards such as these in some or all cases.

Attached is detailed guidance for preparing and submitting nominations.  The guidance has been updated to provide information relating to a requirement for agencies to verify professional credentials associated with nominees’ professions/positions within their organizations.  Additionally, when considering potential nominees, agencies must exercise due diligence in reviewing both the background of nominees as well as the programs and organizational components for which the nominees have any responsibility.  This is to ensure the appropriateness of the nominees for receiving Presidential recognition.

If you or your staff members would like any additional information about the program, please contact Stephen T. Shih, Deputy Associate Director, Senior Executive Service and Performance Management, by telephone at 202-606-8046.

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