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Nominations for Fiscal Year 2017 Presidential Rank Awards

Wednesday, November 23, 2016
Nominations for Fiscal Year 2017 Presidential Rank Awards

I am pleased to announce the call for nominations for the FY 2017 Presidential Rank Awards (PRA) program. This program is administered to support the goals of the President’s Management Agenda People and Culture initiative to “Build a World-Class Federal Management Team Starting with the Senior Executive Service (SES)” and the  December 15, 2015, Executive Order – “Strengthening the Senior Executive Service.”  To ensure the Government sustains a first-class Federal workforce, the Administration will continue to invest in civil service leadership, including recognizing and rewarding excellence in performance in a manner that also strengthens executive accountability.  In this way, we will significantly improve the Federal Government's ability to serve the American people. 

The Presidential Rank Award was established by statute in 1978 as a means of recognizing that performance.  This memorandum serves as a call for agency nominations for those whose service merits the highest level of recognition through a Presidential Rank Award.  This is an excellent opportunity to identify the individuals who have made significant and lasting contributions to your agency's effectiveness on a sustained basis. I encourage you to draw on all segments of your executive workforce to identify this select group. 

Nominations for FY 2017 Presidential Rank Awards are due to OPM by Friday, January 6, 2017. 

Under the President’s direction, the Administration is committed to building a Government that focuses on results and draws on evidence-based practices to promote the wise use of every taxpayer dollar to the maximum effect.  Agency Heads should consider the current challenging fiscal conditions and resources needed to meet overall agency mission priorities in determining the number of nominations to submit.  Nominees must meet stringent personal and professional standards, and are therefore subject to an extremely rigorous review and vetting process.  As indicated in 5 U.S.C. § 4507(c), the President has the final authority to determine if Presidential Rank Awards will be conferred. 

Attached is detailed guidance for preparing and submitting nominations. When considering potential nominees, agencies must exercise due diligence in reviewing both the background of nominees including any issues relating to personal and professional conduct, such as past misconduct or disciplinary actions, timely payment of Federal taxes, findings of discrimination or misconduct relevant to Equal Employment Opportunity, Office of Inspector General (or their equivalent), and evidence of as yet unadjudicated misconduct in relation to Office of Inspector General (or their equivalent) records, as well as the programs and organizational components for which the nominees have any responsibility.  This is to ensure the appropriateness of the nominees for receiving Presidential recognition. 

Inspectors General should nominate executives separately from their parent agencies through the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency. 

If you or your staff members would like any additional information about the program, please contact Stephen T. Shih, Deputy Associate Director, Senior Executive Services and Performance Management, by telephone at (202) 606-8046 or Laura Lynch, Manager, Senior Executive Services Resources, by telephone at (202) 606-2773. 

Attachments (see PDFs below) 

cc:  Chief Human Capital Officers, and Human Resources Directors