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New HRTC Co-Chair

Thursday, October 5, 2000
Human Resources Directors
Janice R. Lachance (...signed October 3, 2000...) Director
New HRTC Co-Chair

As you know, the Human Resources Technology Council (HRTC) has become the lead group in the Federal Government for addressing information systems issues related to human resources management. This Council, which was chartered in 1997, has completed work on several significant initiatives that have governmentwide significance. For example, it developed the Human Resources Information Systems study, worked with the Joint Financial Management Improvement Program (JFMIP) to update the HR and payroll core requirements document, and initiated the Human Resources Data Network project. I am pleased with these accomplishments, but know there is more to be done. I strongly believe that continuing the close coordination with our various stakeholder groups is key to the future success of the HRTC.

This means that the HRTC must strengthen its ties to the leadership groups representing the Human Resource Directors, Chief Information Officers, and Chief Financial Officers. It must also have the active participation of the policy-making offices at OPM.

With this in mind, and with the concurrence of the HRTC Planning Committee, I have asked Leigh Shein to take over as co-chair of the HRTC. Leigh will be working in partnership with Kay Frances Dolan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Resources at the Department of the Treasury, who also co-chairs the Council. Leigh is particularly well suited to take on this role because he is the chair of the Human Resources Management Council (HRMC) and will be able to ensure full coordination between the two councils. As my representative, he will also ensure all OPM program offices actively support HRTC projects. I have asked Janet Barnes to continue as a member of the HRTC Planning Committee to ensure close coordination with the CIO Council.

I am proud of the work of the Council and want to thank Janet Barnes and Mary Lou Lindholm who were the first HRTC co-chairs. Together, they established the Council and oversaw the completion of the some of the HRTC's first products. I am confident we can build on the work they started as we accept new challenges in managing HR technology effectively in the Federal Government.