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NAHFE Hispanic Federal Executives Summit VI

Thursday, April 8, 2004
Chief Human Capital Officers
NAHFE Hispanic Federal Executives Summit VI

The National Association of Hispanic Federal Executives (NAHFE) will hold its Sixth Hispanic Federal Executives Summit at the Adam’s Mark Hotel in San Antonio, Texas, on April 14-16, 2004. The target audiences for this Summit are members of the Senior Executive Service and GS-15s. The Summit will focus on the following key issues:

  • Management accountability for Hispanic representation at the Senior Executive Service level.
  • Hispanics and the Strategic Management of Human Capital.
  • Building and improving effective mentoring and training programs for Hispanics at the GS-12/13/14 levels.
  • Innovative approaches to recruiting, training, and retaining Hispanics in the Federal workforce.

NAHFE is a private nonprofit professional organization of Federal supervisors, managers, and executives incorporated in 1984 in Washington, DC. Membership is open to all Federal civilian and military personnel at the GS-13 (equivalent military rank is Major) and above grade level including personnel at the SES level. NAHFE’s primary goal is to enhance the opportunities for Hispanics to serve in high level positions in public service.

Consistent with President George W. Bush’s call to create a Federal workforce that draws from the diversity of America, I know that each of you is personally committed to promoting equal employment opportunity in the Federal Government. Consequently, I wanted to make you aware of NAHFE’s Sixth Hispanic Federal Executives Summit. For additional information and registration, please contact NAHFE at (703) 787-0291 or by email at Online registration is also available at

cc: Directors of Human Resources and Equal Employment Opportunity