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Learning and Development Update

Friday, November 9, 2012
Human Resources Directors
Angela Bailey, Associate Director, Employee Services
Learning and Development Update

OPM is pleased to provide an update on several talent management programs, as well as a report summarizing agencies’ FY2011 training data submissions.  Data is the foundation for clear metrics that demonstrate business value for developing key talent.  OPM has indicated data collection and reporting to be an area of challenge for agencies.  While OPM continues to see improvement in the reporting of training data sent to OPM’s data warehouse, we are emphasizing the importance of continuing your efforts.  Therefore, we will provide an agency-specific report summarizing your agency’s FY 2011 data submissions under separate cover to your Chief Learning Officer (CLO), or Head of Training and Development, with a “cc” to you.  We encourage you to verify the accuracy of this report. OPM will continue to work with the CLOs to determine other vital data points and incorporate as appropriate.  Please contact Cheryl Ndunguru ( or Julie Brill ( for more information on training data reporting.

OPM is exploring several solutions to one of the agencies’ most difficult talent management challenges—closing skills gaps.  Through our work on the Closing Skills Gaps Initiative, we have learned of skills gaps in key mission-critical occupations and in the STEM occupational community, which, if left unchecked, could undermine our ability to meet these challenges and achieve missions.  One strategy OPM is exploring to reduce skills gaps over the long term is to partner with colleges and universities to close gaps in the five Government-wide mission-critical occupations and cross-cutting competencies.  While we want to leverage these partnerships to support the Closing Skills Gaps Initiative, we also want to provide an opportunity to Federal employees to gain higher educational credentials, such as certificates or degrees in the concentrated areas of HR, IT (Cyber security), Contracts Management, Program Auditing, and Economics.  OPM is developing an inventory of the existing partnerships and will provide a consolidated report on those findings, as well as OPM’s plans to "pilot" additional partnerships. For more information on the pilot, please contact Linda Datcher at

In response to significant current budget limitations, OPM is fostering interagency collaboration and shared solutions.  The Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) Council developed a Government-wide resource for HR training and development called HR University (HRU).  HRU is not only intended to close competency and skill gaps within the HR community, it is an effort to achieve Government-wide savings through shared resources and economies of scale–it identifies the best HR training across Government and establishes a means of sharing with all agencies.  HRU is a model that can be applied to any occupational field, and OPM will continue to facilitate these types of opportunities in the future.  For more information on HR University please visit

Recently, OPM invited Mentoring Program Coordinators from across Government to participate in a Knowledge Café to discuss Government-wide mentoring.  A Knowledge Café is a creative way to bring people together to generate ideas around a specific topic.  During the Knowledge Cafe participants presented ideas for developing a Government-wide mentoring "hub" and obtained recommendations to further flesh out these ideas.  OPM will develop a “hub”— an on-line repository of mentoring information and resources maintained by OPM, available to all agencies, designed to save money and promote knowledge sharing.  One function of the hub will be to create Mentoring Matches across Government, specifically with special interests (e.g., Vets2Vets, Peer2Peer, and reverse mentoring).  The “hub” will also have a Mentoring Toolkit with resources that can be used by agencies with current mentoring programs, as well as agencies without programs.  It will be a collaborative effort with OPM serving as a full partner with the Chief Human Capital Officers and CLO Councils on design and implementation.  For more information on the mentoring “hub,” please contact Karen Simpson at

Finally, I am excited to let you know OPM is offering an HR Policy Workshop Series.  OPM will offer free half-day to full-day workshops on specific human resources policy series.  These workshops will be held via webinar and in OPM’s headquarters.  Please contact Linda Datcher, Workforce Development Manager, at for workshop schedules and information.  

Attachment:  Sample Agency Training Report FY2010 

cc: Chief Human Capital Officers, Deputy Chief Human Capital Officers, Chief Learning Officers/Heads of Training