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Information Technology (IT) Special Salary Rates Study

Tuesday, January 7, 2003
Heads Of Executive Departments And Agencies
Nancy E. Randa, Acting Associate Director Office of Merit Systems Oversight and Effectiveness
Information Technology (IT) Special Salary Rates Study

One of the special studies being conducted by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) during FY 2003 will assess the effect of IT special rates on agency recruitment and retention. In January 2001, OPM initiated the special rates to help improve the government?s ability to attract and retain top quality IT employees. We want to evaluate the extent to which the special salary rates, alone or in combination with other compensation flexibilities or worklife variables, are impacting the hiring and retention of IT employees. The study will also address specialty area (e.g., Data Management, Operating Systems, Internet, etc.) recruitment and any impacts on human capital strategic planning such as changes in targeted recruitment, sources for recruitment, turnover considerations, competitive sourcing, career development and succession planning.

Our Atlanta Oversight Division is responsible for leading this study. The study will begin in December 2002 and will include an Internet survey and interviews. We will e-mail the survey to new Federal employees who receive the IT special salary rates and have been hired since the rates went into effect. We will also select a cross section of agencies having hiring activity in the covered IT series and contact a sampling of their human resources specialists, compensation policy personnel, supervisors/managers and Chief Information Officers. OPM representatives will conduct all interviews.

We are asking that you notify agency components of this study and our plans to electronically survey IT employees and conduct interviews. To facilitate interviews, we will request that agencies provide a point of contact to provide names and telephone numbers of participants.

As always, we appreciate your help with our study. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Ms. Ginny Magnuson who is managing the study. Her e-mail address is Her phone number is (404) 331-3451, extension 223.