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Implementation of Volunteerism in the Combined Federal Campaign

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Implementation of Volunteerism in the Combined Federal Campaign

Over the past 56 years, Federal employees and members of the uniformed service have pledged more than $8.3 billion to charitable organizations locally and around the world through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Starting with the 2017 campaign, Executive Order 13743 expands the CFC program by permitting Federal, Postal and military personnel to pledge both monetarily and through volunteer time to CFC charities. The same order also authorizes Federal annuitants to continue to use the CFC for charitable giving after they leave Federal service. The pledged volunteer hours will be monetized and will count towards campaign results although they will be reported separately from financial contributions. This new feature of the CFC places the volunteer hours pledge on equal footing with the financial pledge – both fulfilled with the employee’s own time, talents, and treasure.

Federal, Postal and military personnel already have a long history of volunteering their time to charitable organizations that are close to their hearts. In 2006, President George W. Bush signed Executive Order 13401, which states each agency shall designate a liaison for volunteer community service and promote community service to all Federal employees.

Employees who wish to pledge volunteer time to CFC causes they choose to support are expected to engage in such voluntary activities on their own time. The choice to volunteer time through the CFC allows donors more giving options to participate in the program by:

• Allowing employees the additional option of volunteering their time;

• Creating a sense of connection to the charity through volunteerism that may identify other needs, such as monetary donations;

• Choosing to volunteer with one of the local, national or international charities on the CFC charity list. Federal employees screen these organizations to ensure that they meet the CFC public accountability standards; and

• Providing greater assistance and support to chosen charities.

Research shows that volunteer activities are more likely to boost employee morale than other agency-sponsored team building activities. Therefore, when appropriate, OPM invites Federal agencies to explore opportunities to assist organizations and teams with coordinating volunteer team-building activities with CFC-participating charities.

For information on agency policies and best practices, please contact OPM’s Office of the Combined Federal Campaign at 202-606-2564 or

Attachments (see 508-compliant PDFs below): 

Appendix A: Volunteerism Pledging Process

Appendix B: Benefits of Agency Volunteer Programs

Appendix C: Guidance for Adopting a Volunteerism Program

Appendix D: Best Practices