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Guidance on Submitting Agency Logos and Information to Display on USAJOBS

Monday, October 6, 2003
Human Resources Directors
Claire M. Gibbons, Recruitment One-Stop Program Manager
Guidance on Submitting Agency Logos and Information to Display on USAJOBS

We are continuing the process of collecting agency logos to provide your announcement display on USAJOBS with a personalized appearance. This memo will provide you with guidance on the type of information to submit.

These logos will appear on the top of each of your job announcement pages.
To view a sample of a personalized announcement, please visit the following URL:

The format and specifications for your logos are listed below.

  • Graphic size: 360 x 65 pixels (Please make use of the entire area)
  • File size: 10-15K max
  • Gif format (.gif)

We are looking for only the highest quality logos to add to USAJOBS. In most cases submitting just an agency seal is not sufficient. The seals are often too small and blurred for optimal display. You may wish to enlist your graphics department to help you design a quality logo.

For the best branding, please be sure that your submission is clear, readable and identifies your specific agency.

Below you will find several examples of logos we have received that meet the format and graphics specifications required.

U.S. Department of Energy logo:

National Science Foundation logo

The Bureau of the Public Debt - U.S. Department of the Treasury

U.S. Department of Transportation Office of the Secretary: Careers in Motion

Using OPM as simply an example, below you will find logos that would not provide the best display.

A blurry and small OPM seal

This logo is too small and blurred. It does not clearly identify the agency.

A black and white OPM logo where the text is stretched and not legible

In this example the logo is not readable, the text is stretched and the words "United States" are not legible.

Please send your logos to Logos will be accepted on a rolling basis and implemented in the system through regularly scheduled releases.

If you have any questions regarding this request, please contact John Still at 202/606-1275; email

We are also accepting standardized agency information text to be displayed on your announcements. This will be a short paragraph approximately three lines in length (no more than 512 characters) that will give you a chance to introduce your organization and communicate to potential applicants why they should work for your agency.

Use this opportunity to inspire job seekers to be a part of your agency. It's an excellent chance to market and sell your agency's employment opportunities. You may write these agency/organizational summaries at any level you wish, and you may create as many as you wish-department, agency, bureau, etc. We will store your summaries in pick lists available from the USAJOBS job announcement builder to automatically display when you post an announcement.

You can also send your text to