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Feds Feed Families Summer Camp Agenda

Friday, July 16, 2010
Chief Human Capital Officers
Kathryn M. Medina, Executive Director, Chief Human Capital Officer Council
Feds Feed Families Summer Camp Agenda

July Promotional Event

July 21, 2010 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. 
Frederick Douglass Community Center
1427 Cedar Street, SE Washington, DC  20020

11:30am - 1:00pm      Set-Up

Sign in Table for Media
Front Room: 3 banners (FFF, CAFB and FDCC), 1 table with 8 chairs
(four on each side), items to prepare snack (CAFB will supply the materials/food for the healthy snack), small table with water, FFF aprons for principals.

                                    Computer Room: 1 banner (FFF), computer game on screens.

1:00pm - 1:15pm        Media Arrives
                                    Principals Arrive

1:16pm - 1:25pm        Principals are briefed on activities                

1:30pm - 1:33pm        Welcome/Introduction (Director Berry and Frederick Douglass                                                      Community Center Representative)

1:34pm - 1:43pm        Remarks (Incorporate United We Serve - Let's Move, Let's Read)

Director Berry
USDA Secretary or Senior Leadership
Dept of Energy Secretary or Senior Leadership
Lynn Brantley, CAFB President and CEO

1:44pm - 1:48pm        Frederick Douglass Community Center Representative explains the mission and vision of the Center, the Kids Café and the importance of teaching children how to prepare healthy snacks maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Instruct children and principals on how to prepare today's healthy snack.

1:49pm – 2:00pm        Principals and guests prepare a healthy snack/meal with children
Room Set-Up: Banners on wall, one table with four chairs on each sides
Snack Preparation: 4-5 children at table preparing snack with principals

2:00pm - 2:02pm        Principals thank children for teaching them how to prepare snack
                                    Principals walk down hall to computer room

2:03pm - 2:13pm        Principals sit with children in computer room and play an interactive                                            computer game (Game will be related to healthy living or animals). 
                                    Room Set-Up: Hang banner on wall to right when entering door. 
                                    Activity Preparation: One child per computer station. The children should                                                be in the room already playing the game when principals enter.

                                    Staff (OPM/Community Center) remain in first room and  transition it for                                                the Wii activity.

2:13pm - 2:15pm        Principals thank children for letting them play the computers.
                                    Principals walk back to the first room.

2:16pm - 2:29pm        Principals play Wii Fitness games with children

2:29pm - 2:30pm        Director Berry thanks everyone for attending

2:30pm - 2:40pm        Media Interviews


Key Principals:

Director Berry, Office of Personnel Management
Congresswoman Norton
HUD Secretary Donovan
Department of Energy Secretary Chu
USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack 
Frederick Douglass Community Center Representative
Lynn Brantley, CAFB President and CEO
Kathryn Medina, CHCO Executive Director

Special Guests:

FFF Chairs and Champions

*Photo/Video will be provided by CPL.