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Federal Human Resources Data Network Presentation

Tuesday, January 2, 2001
MSG 2001-001
Human Resources Directors
Federal Human Resources Data Network Presentation

Date: January 26, 2001

Time: 1- 3 PM

Place: General Services Administration Auditorium
               18th and F Streets N.W. Washington, DC
               Metro: Farragut West (at 18th and I Streets)

Join us in learning about how the Federal Human Resources Technology Council, chartered by the United States Office of Personnel Management, is working to eliminate paper personnel records for over 1.8 million employees, streamline reporting and oversight of the Federal workforce, and improve access to authorized users of HR data for personnel transactions and other HR decisions. This two-hour informational session is targeted for those involved in Federal Human Resources and Payroll policy, operations and information systems, CIO and CFO policy and operations, and the public interested in government to government (G2G) process reengineering.

The HR-DN Program will significantly improve the way Federal workforce information is managed and support national goals to enhance service to the public. Presenters include:

Bruce D. Long, Deputy Associate Director, Veterans and Personnel Division, Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President

Kay Frances Dolan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Resources, Department of Treasury and Co-Chair of the Federal Human Resources Technology Council

Steven R. Cohen, Associate Director, Office of Merit Systems Oversight and Effectiveness, Office of Personnel Management

Thomas F. Cowley, Director, HR Policy and Planning, General Services Administration

John C. Moseley, Program Executive, HR-DN Program Office

Steven Wilburn, Senior Principal, American Management Systems

For further information and free registration, contact any of the staff at the HR-DN Program Office, 202.606.1741.