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Features of the Career Intern Program

Tuesday, January 2, 2001
Heads Of Executive Departments And Agencies
Features of the Career Intern Program

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  • Appointed in the excepted service;
  • Subject to OPM qualifications;
  • There is no nominating process for the Career Intern Program - applicants apply directly to Federal agencies;
  • There is no public notice requirement for Career Intern appointments;
  • Appointments are not subject to Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program requirements;
  • Agencies have several options in terms of how they apply veterans' preference when making Career Intern appointments;
  • Initial appointments can be made at any grade level for which the agency has a formal training program in place; the intent of the program is an initial appointment at the GS 5, 7, 9 level;
  • May be appointed year round;
  • No limitation on promotion potential;
  • Has a return right provision for career/career conditional employees within an agency or agency component;
  • OPM does not serve as a clearinghouse of available training opportunities;
  • Requires a 2 year formal training and development program;
  • Does not require participants to go on rotational assignments;
  • Administered by the agencies, not OPM

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