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Evaluation System Standards

Monday, March 26, 2018
Evaluation System Standards

I am pleased to provide the new evaluation system standards that were developed as part of the implementation of the revised regulations at 5 CFR Part 250, subpart B, which went into effect April 7, 2017.  The new standards were developed by an interagency working group of 23 representatives from various agencies and 15 representatives from OPM. 

Measuring the impact of human capital management on mission accomplishment is a critical step towards improving organizational performance.  The evaluation system will help agencies make such assessments, and we anticipate the Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCOs) and Performance Improvement Officers (PIOs) will work together to ensure a sound evaluation system is in place and fully operational.  The system standards include a definition, description, and maturity model that depicts the various stages of system development (Reactive, Emerging, Advanced, and Optimized).   

The five standards were presented and distributed at a CHCO Academy on October 23, 2017.  We wanted to ensure you are aware of the new standards and are using them as a guide in your efforts to update and strengthen the evaluation system in your agencies.  The five standards are:

Leadership involvement.  Agency leadership fully supports and adequately resources the agency’s evaluation system to ensure organizational performance is monitored (metrics), adjustments are made when necessary, and human capital programs operate within merit system principles. 

Communication.  Internal agency leadership communication ensures cross-organizational collaboration towards achieving mission objectives, informing decision-making, eliminating redundancies, and assessing progress towards achieving organizational goals. 

Data driven decision-making.  Data connects human capital management practices to business outcomes and organizational goals to provide base line information for comparing actual program results with established performance goals.  Data is used to create a link between the agency’s priority goals, Human Capital Operating Plan, independent audit program, HRStat, Human Capital Review, and other means used to assess the health of the organization and evaluation system. 

Assessment.  Assess all Human Capital Framework systems agency-wide to ensure human capital policies, programs, and practices help the agency accomplish its strategic goals, are efficient and effective, and meet merit system principles and regulatory requirements.  

Formal and documented.  The agency has a policy that describes how the evaluation system operates and will serve as a roadmap for implementation. 

The complete standard definitions, description, and maturity model are attached.   The attachment also contains guidance on developing an updated evaluation system policy and an agency-wide communications plan.   

We look forward to working with you to help implement effective evaluation systems that will assist agency leadership in making sound data driven decisions.  For questions related to the new standards, please contact Ana A. Mazzi, Deputy Associate Director, Merit System Accountability and Compliance (202) 606-4309 or

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