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Evaluating Worksite Health & Wellness Programs

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Human Resources Directors
Evaluating Worksite Health & Wellness Programs

This memorandum provides information and guidance for Federal agencies on "Evaluating Worksite Health & Wellness Programs," as part of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's (OPM) continual commitment to helping agencies develop and improve worksite health and wellness programs, and specifically in support of the June 23, 2014 Presidential Memorandum on Enhancing Workplace Flexibilities and WorkLife Programs.

This calendar year, OPM is hosting a worksite health & wellness campaign, concentrating on different aspects of successful program implementation. The education and guidance is intended to help agencies increase the availability and use of worksite health & wellness programs to the maximum extent possible. Each campaign includes informational fact sheets, webinar trainings, and facilitated discussions among those responsible for the implementation of agency worksite health & wellness programs. OPM will send information about specific webinars and forums to agency Worksite Health & Wellness Coordinators.

The theme for the second segment of the 2015 worksite health & wellness campaign is Evaluating Worksite Health & Wellness Programs.” OPM is providing the attached fact sheets as guidance to assist agencies:

  • Evaluation Overview for Worksite Health & Wellness Programs
  • Program-Development Evaluation Model
  • Needs Assessment
  • Action Planning

Additional Information
Employees should contact their agencys Worksite Health & Wellness Coordinator for more information. Agency human resources offices are encouraged to review the material available on OPMs Health & Wellness website and contact OPMs WorkLife Office at for assistance.