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Dual Certification

Friday, October 5, 2001
MSG 2001-079a
Human Resources Directors
Richard A. Whitford, Acting Associate Director for Employment
Dual Certification

My August 14, 2001, memorandum notified you and your Delegated Examining Unit Managers that effective September 4, dual certification is mandatory. In light of the events of September 11, we continue to negotiate with the Office of Special Counsel and have asked for some relief. Until further notice, however, the August 14, 2001, memorandum remains in effect.

To assist us in our continuing efforts to give you the hiring flexibilities you require, we need a list of your agency's occupations that are critical to the government's ability to execute security, rescue, investigative or other functions associated with the defense of the Nation or response to the attacks. Please complete the attached form and indicate those occupations for which dual certification is impractical. If it is not readily apparent, use the "comments" column to describe the linkage between specific occupations and your agency's response efforts. We would like to have this information by noon on Tuesday, October 9.

Complete the attached form and fax it to us at 202-606-2329, or respond by email to If you have questions, please call our Office of Employment Policy
(202-606-8097). We apologize for this very short suspense, but trust you will understand our immediate need for information.


Dual Certification

Agency _____________________

Occupation Is dual certification practical? Comments
Yes No

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