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Draft Job Family Position Classification Standards for the Human Resources Management Group, GS-0200

Friday, January 28, 2000
Human Resources Directors
Draft Job Family Position Classification Standards for the Human Resources Management Group, GS-0200

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has been developing job family position classification standards, as part of its initiative to simplify the General Schedule classification system. One of the ongoing projects is the development of two job family standards for the Human Resources Management Group, GS-0200—one for administrative work and one for assistance (i.e., clerical/technical) work. Many of you attended recent briefings where we previewed some of the changes we are proposing for these standards. We are now ready to release both drafts for a 90-day agency review and comment period.

As is normal practice, the standards are being transmitted to your classification program chiefs. But because we're aware of your interest in these standards, we are providing you with a separate notice of this release, along with copies of both standards.

As discussed in the above-mentioned briefings, both standards reflect the occupational changes that have evolved since the standards were last issued. That is, they reflect a trend toward a more generalist structure; broader position titles; and new functional specialties, such as benefits administration. The standards also contain contemporary work illustrations. In addition, the drafts acknowledge the significant structural changes that have occurred in human resources (HR) organizations, both in the Department of Defense and in civilian agencies, including regionalization and decentralization of human resources management service delivery.

These findings are consistent with those reflected in the recent Human Resources studies conducted by OPM's Office of Merit Systems Oversight and Effectiveness. We have also prepared these draft standards keeping in mind the forthcoming competency-based job profile that OPM's Employment Service (ES) will issue for the HR occupations. The evaluation criteria include references to the competencies from the ES Human Resources Competency Model. This model reflects critical competencies that have been identified by ES's governmentwide occupational study, which included the human resources profession, and related public and private sector models. This will provide the foundation for the competency-based job profile for the HR occupations that will replace the existing minimum qualification standards. Taken together with the issuance of the new classification standards, we believe these efforts should serve agencies well as they realign their HR offices and ensure a well-qualified staff is developed and recruited in the future.

In developing the generalist criteria for the administrative occupations, we found that we could eliminate 12 of the 16 existing GS-0200 series, reducing the number of occupations to four, and still define any needed specialties by using parenthetical titles. In the clerical/assistance evaluation criteria, we propose eliminating one of the two current series. We believe this approach will provide enhanced flexibility to meet the workforce-shaping challenges facing the human resources management community.

The administrative draft does not include evaluation criteria for Personnel Officer positions, since at the outset of the study, the majority of you felt that the General Schedule Supervisory Guide would be sufficient to evaluate this work. In addition, the draft does not address GS-0260, Equal Employment Opportunity work. Such work will continue to be studied as we conduct other occupational studies, and this work might or might not remain included with the GS-0200 family definition.

I look forward to your comments and to our continued collaborative efforts as we move towards issuing these standards in final form during the 3rd Quarter of FY2000. If you need information regarding these job family classification standards, please contact me at (202) 606-2800. You or your staff can also contact Ms. Judy Davis, Chief, Classification Programs Division, at (202) 606-2950.