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Detroit Hiring Fair

Thursday, June 11, 2009
Heads Of Executive Departments And Agencies
John Berry, Director
Detroit Hiring Fair

As you are aware, the entire State of Michigan is among the areas most adversely affected by our current economic conditions and the President is placing significant emphasis on revitalizing its economy.  In support of the President’s efforts, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management will sponsor a Hiring Fair in Detroit, MI, on July 30, 2009.  The objectives of the Hiring Fair are to support individuals in the State of Michigan who are looking for employment and address agency staffing needs through acquiring top talent. 

Our plan for the Detroit Hiring Fair includes these major activities:

  • Attendance for applicants at this event will be by invitation only
  • Applicants who apply for positions identified to be filled at this event will be divided into two categories and receive the appropriate invitation:
    • Applicants agencies want to interview; and
    • Other applicants who did not make the interview list will be invited to on-site workshops
  • Agencies will make tentative employment offers on site

Agencies will be responsible for the following activities in support of this event:

  • Identify and report their Michigan vacancies to OPM by COB June 15, 2009, if they have not already done so
  • Structure their hiring plans and procedures on a schedule enabling them to interview qualified applicants and make tentative employment offers at the event for vacancies the agency anticipates filling in the next few months.  This includes vacancies currently posted that will close by July 7, 2009
  • Adhere to the timeline as outlined
  • Have the necessary staff on site to greet attendees, conduct interviews and make tentative employment offers
  • Pay agency staff travel costs
  • Announce agency JOA, rate, rank, and generate certificates for those positions and schedule all interviews

OPM will be responsible for the following activities as sponsor of this event:

  • Provide reference materials on streamlined Job Opportunity Announcements (JOAs) and provide training to agencies on this process
  • Provide information on conducting interviews
  • Provide a sample letter for directing applicants to the appropriate venues (interview or workshop)
  • Conduct workshops for those applicants who did not make the interview list on the following topics:
    • How to Find and Apply for Federal Jobs; and
    • Writing a Federal Resume and Interviewing for Success
  • Create a dedicated page on USAJOBS directing applicants to agency’s JOAs in the Michigan area
  • Secure a suitable venue in the Detroit area
  • Provide and pay for the logistics costs for the event.

We realize this event has an aggressive timetable.  It will take our collective efforts to achieve success and meet the President’s objectives.  At the last CHCO Council meeting, I asked the CHCOs to forward your agency’s Detroit Hiring Fair contact to Jason Barke at   If your agency has not done so already, please forward this information to Jason as soon as possible.  

OPM looks forward to working with your agency to make the Detroit Hiring Fair a successful hiring event.  If you have any questions, please contact me at (202) 606-1575 or Joseph Kennedy at (202) 606-5181.

cc:  Chief Human Capital Officers

       Human Resources Directors




Detroit Hiring Fair Timeline
Activity Dates Comment
Agency designates a point of contact (POC) for the event June 15, 2009 Name of POC should be sent to Jason Barke at
Agency POC attends Detroit Hiring Fair (DHF) conference call June 15, 2009 Conference Call information will be provided to POCs
Agency POC attends Job Opportunity Announcements training June 16, 2009 OPM will provide training materials to POCs
Agency ensures all Detroit/Michigan vacancies to be used at the Detroit Hiring Fair are announced on USAJOBS June 23, 2009 JOAs may be posted after June 23, 2009, but all announcements must close by July 7, 2009
JOAs close July 7, 2009  
Agency assesses applicants and issues certificate of eligibles to the hiring managers who will attend the Detroit Hiring Fair July 17, 2009  
Using the OPM sample letters, agency invites applicants for interviews or to attend workshops July 20, 2009 Due to the size of the facility, the agency should work with OPM when determining the number of individuals to invite for interviews and to the workshops
Agency begins scheduling interviews July 23, 2009  
Agency sends interview schedule to OPM to direct set-up July 28, 2009  
Agency forwards the names and number of hiring managers and HR and other staff who will attend the fair July 28, 2009  
Agency arrive in Detroit for set-up July 29, 2009  
Agency attend DHF and make tentative offers July 30, 2009 Our Mission is to Recruit, Retain and Honor a
World-Class Workforce to Serve the American People