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CHCO Council Bulletin for Week Ending 04/15/2011

Friday, April 15, 2011
Other Stakeholders
Kathryn M. Medina, Executive Director, Chief Human Capital Officer Council
CHCO Council Bulletin for Week Ending 04/15/2011



Bulletin Announcements for week ending April 15, 2011


CALENDAR UPDATES – All Calendar Items can be found on


NEXT Full Council Meeting
May 10th (10am-12pm)
Executive Conference Room, 5TH Floor, OPM

Next Deputy Council Meeting
May 26th (10am – 12pm)
Pendleton Room, 5TH Floor, OPM


Attention: These Announcements May Contain Action Items and/or Deadlines. PLEASE READ!!



Database of Candidates with Disabilities -- Now hosted on OMB MAX

Click Here to read Memo from Deputy Director, Christine Griffin



JOB POSTINGS – Agencies can send Job Announcements for HR/SES Positions – Send to


INCASE YOU MISSED IT….(OPM Memos can be found here)



Memo - Guidance for Certification of Performance Appraisal Systems for Senior Employees



Memo - Reservist Differential Policy Update



Memo - National Take-Back Day, April 30

OTHER News & Events



CHCO Council and OPM Launch Phase Two of the HRU

Click Here to Read More


The CHCO bulletin is the primary means of disseminating pertinent and timely information to CHCOs on a wide range of Human Capital issues. The consolidated nature of this bulletin is meant to reduce the e-mail flow and streamline key communications.

Each agency should ensure they are getting all information contained in the weekly bulletin. 
If you have any comments, suggestions or questions on the bulletin or its contents, please feel free to contact me directly at