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CHCO Council Bulletin for Week Ending 01/28/2011

Friday, January 28, 2011
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Kathryn M. Medina, Executive Director, Chief Human Capital Officer Council
CHCO Council Bulletin for Week Ending 01/28/2011


Bulletin Announcements for week ending January 28, 2011



CALENDAR UPDATES – All Calendar Items can be found on


NEXT Full Council Meeting
February 8th (10am-12pm)
Executive Conference Room, 5TH Floor, OPM


ANNOUNCEMENTS/MEMOS – Attention: These Memos May Contain Action Items and/or Deadlines. PLEASE READ!!



COMING SOON! HR University is preparing to Go Live next week

Stay tuned for more details……

Diversity Hiring Pilot – CHALLENGE!!! At the Full Council meeting January 11th, attending CHCOs committed the Council to support a challenge to hire at least one person with disabilities per agency by the time of the next Full Council meeting on February 8th. Agencies should use all available resources to make at least one disability hire in the next month, including the list of qualified candidates provided by Bender & Associates. For more information on how to use this resource, contact John Benison at


Extension of Benefits to Same-Sex Domestic Partners of Federal Employees -- OPM Agency Support and Technical Assistance will provide HR Directors a checklist requesting completion by February 14.  This is a follow up to the Presidential Memorandum dated June 2, 2010 requiring agencies to report (  We appreciate your assistance in providing information needed for OPM’s report to the President due in April.


JOB POSTINGS – Agencies can send Job Announcements for HR/SES Positions – Send


The Department of Education is seeking a highly skilled and motivated individual for the Director, Executive Resources Division position.  This individual serves as the leader of an organization responsible for providing the full compliment of human resources products and advisory services to a cadre of Senior Executives, Political Appointees and other senior staff.  Come join the Human Capital and Client Services organization in our support of ED as we foster educational excellence and ensure equal access to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness.


Questions may be directed to Michael Blaylock (Michael.Blaylock@ed.go / 404-974-9464) or Quay Crowner (Quasette.Crowner@ed.go / 202-260-8267).  Click Here for job announcement.




Building a federal HR Workforce for the 21st Century
Report from an Action Planning Dialogue at the
CHCO Council Fall Innovation Forum (September 30, 2010)

(click here to read summary report)


Message from the Council on Veterans Employment:

The Council on Veterans Employment will meet on March 1, 2011, at 10-11:30 am, at the Department of Veterans Affairs (Room TBD).  An agenda will be forthcoming, but one of the key issue is how well are agencies performing on their FY 2011 hiring percentage goals for the President’s Veterans Employment Initiative (VEI).  We ask that only the Member (Department or Agency Head) and/or the Member’s Official Designee attend the meeting due to space limitations.  Please RSVP with Shirl Sibley at or (202) 606-1575 by February 22, 2011. POC is Joseph Kennedy,

OTHER News & Events


THE CHCO COUNCIL is seeking detailees to help support the Council’s wide range of projects, priorities and goals.

A detail with the Council offers a unique developmental opportunity to support the members as they work together toward common government-wide HR solutions. The ideal candidate is outgoing and self-motivated, and must be able to handle competing priorities and deadlines in a responsible and efficient manner.  CHCOs and Deputies are asked to nominate GS-9 through GS-12 candidates for a 3-6 month detail opportunity at OPM.  Please contact Kathryn Medina for more information or to obtain a PD (

The CHCO bulletin is the primary means of disseminating pertinent and timely information to CHCOs on a wide range of Human Capital issues. The consolidated nature of this bulletin is meant to reduce the e-mail flow and streamline key communications.

Each agency should ensure they are getting all information contained in the weekly bulletin. 
If you have any comments, suggestions or questions on the bulletin or its contents, please feel free to contact me directly at