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Champlain College Alliance Offers Federal Employees and their Family Members Discounted Rates to Pursue Post-Secondary Education

Monday, April 20, 2015
Chief Human Capital Officers
Katherine Archuleta Director
Champlain College Alliance Offers Federal Employees and their Family Members Discounted Rates to Pursue Post-Secondary Education

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) mission is to recruit, retain and honor a world-class workforce to serve the American people.  OPM and Champlain College have entered into an agreement as part of OPM’s continued efforts to close skills gaps, increase Federal employees' access to high quality, affordable educational resources, and further develop and sustain the Federal workforce.

Champlain College, a regionally accredited institution with a long history of career-focused, online learning programs for adults, will provide up to a 70 percent tuition discount through their truED® alliance program. The agreement between OPM and Champlain will allow Federal employees to complete an 18-credit undergraduate certificate for $3,000, a Bachelor’s degree for less than $12,000 and a Master’s degree for as little as $9,600.

All of Champlain’s online Bachelors’ and certificate programs and a majority of their online Master’s and graduate studies certificate programs are eligible to receive the discounted truED® rate.   On-campus undergraduate and graduate programs are excluded from this agreement. 

All Federal employees, their spouses, and adult family members will have access to Champlain’s nationally-recognized online undergraduate and graduate certificate and degree programs.  Each truED® participant will be responsible for following Champlain’s admission process posted on the dedicated Champlain website for Federal employees at:   Federal employees who want to take advantage of this opportunity will need to apply and be accepted through Champlain College’s admission process, and will be contacted by an academic advisor to discuss their educational goals and register for classes.  TruED® tuition (ranging from $250.00 to $800.00 per month depending on the subscription level) is automatically debited via credit card, debit card or electronic bank transfer.  The tuition subscription levels are described here and answers to frequently asked questions about truED® are available here.

In addition to offering discounted tuition, this agreement between Champlain and OPM affords the opportunity for Federal subject matter experts to collaborate with Champlain curriculum developers to infuse the public sector perspective into the College’s curriculum. 

Answers to Training Officers’ and prospective students’ frequently asked questions are attached below. 

For additional information, please contact OPM’s Learning and Development Team via email at or Champlain College toll-free at (877) 887-3960 or via email at

Attachments:  Champlain-Federal Alliance Training Officer FAQs, and Champlain-Federal Alliance Student FAQs

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