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Call for 2011 Telework Data

Thursday, October 27, 2011
Human Resources Directors
Angela Bailey, Associate Director, Employee Services
Call for 2011 Telework Data

The Call for 2011 Telework Data is now available for agency data input. Agency telework managing officers and telework coordinators, who have been designated as the points of contact for the survey, will be notified shortly via email and will be provided with individual passwords to enter their data into a web-based form. Responses must be entered electronically by Wednesday, November 30, 2011.

Telework is an important flexibility which can be used to meet agency human capital objectives, and OPM is committed to supporting telework and assisting agencies to meet their goals. Each year we assess the data we receive from this Call, as well as feedback from agencies and other stakeholders, and make decisions about improving the process and instrument. The information gathered from the Call will result in the 2012 Telework Report to Congress.

This year, there have been several adjustments to the questions composing the Call to reflect the telework program changes required by the Act. Agencies with subcomponents are asked to submit subcomponent data for questions regarding telework frequency and participation. This information will enable OPM to gain a better picture of telework in the Federal government.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM)Work/Life/Wellness Group will provide support and assistance to agency telework coordinators as they respond to the 2011 call. Further information is available by