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Arthur "Art" Gary

Arthur E. Gary (Art) was appointed in March 2021 to serve as acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Human Resources and Administration. He is also designated as the acting Chief Human Capital Officer. Art has served as General Counsel for the Justice Management Division (JMD), U.S. Department of Justice, since 2012. Prior to joining DOJ/JMD, Art was Deputy Solicitor at the Interior Department’s Office of the Solicitor, following nearly 25 years of service at Interior beginning as a staff attorney and including such positions as director of trust policies and procedures for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, deputy director of Interior’s Ethics office, Associate Solicitor for General Law, and Acting Solicitor during the last Presidential Transition. He also serves on the Ethics Commission for the City of Takoma Park, MD. Art earned a B.A. in American Government from the University of Virginia in 1980, and a J.D. from William and Mary Law School in 1983. He is a member of the New York Bar.