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Agency Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Program (DVAAP) Annual Reporting

Monday, August 28, 2017

Each year, Federal Executive Branch agencies are required to submit a report to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management on past fiscal year (FY) 2017 DVAAP Accomplishments and certify that a DVAAP Plan is in place for the following FY 2018. Specific DVAAP references can be found in 38 United States Code 4214, and reporting requirements can be found in 5 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 720, Subpart C.


The following items must be electronically submitted to no later than Friday, December 1, 2017. 

  1. FY 2017 DVAAP Accomplishment Report form and if needed, supporting addendums (see 508-compliant, fillable PDF form below) 
  2. FY 2018 DVAAP Plan and Plan Certification form and if needed, supporting addendums (see 508-compliant, fillable PDF form below)

The overall analysis of DVAAP Accomplishment Reports submitted for FY 2016 show positive results, reflecting connectivity between programs areas, approaches, and commitment to enhancing agency programs. However, some agencies need to clearly outline the methodology that was used for recruitment, employment, advancement opportunities, monitoring, reviewing, and evaluating. Additionally, our review of agency FY 2017 DVAAP Plans shows an overall need to clearly outline the methodology that will be used for the upcoming Fiscal Year. The outlined methodology in these reports is needed so we may properly review and evaluate them to provide each individual agency feedback when needed.


We have attached fillable forms for the FY 2017 DVAAP submission; these forms must not be altered or modified in any way. Agencies with operating components and field installations should ensure that important and pertinent information from their operating components and field installations are integrated into the agency submission.


If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Mr. Jose Lopez at (202) 606-9485 or 

Attachments:  DVAAP Accomplishment Report, Plan, and Plan Certification Forms (see 508-compliant, fillable PDF forms below) 

cc:  DVAAP POCs/Certifying Officials, Deputy Chief Human Capital Officers