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50th Anniversary NATO Summit

Thursday, April 1, 1999
CPM 1999-N
Heads Of Executive Departments And Agencies
Janice R. Lachance Director
50th Anniversary NATO Summit

The 50th Anniversary NATO Summit will be held in Washington, DC, on April
23-25, 1999. Since numerous heads of State and other dignitaries are expected,
it is vitally important to minimize traffic congestion. A number of streets in
and around the Federal Triangle area will be closed during this time.
For Friday, April 23, the NATO Summit Working Group and the Office of
Personnel Management concur that agencies should excuse from duty, without loss
of pay or charge to leave, those executive branch employees with duty stations
located within or immediately adjacent to the geographic area defined by the
following perimeter (See attached map.):

K Street NW. from the intersection of 19th Street to 7th Street;7th
Street from K Street NW. to the Southwest (Dwight Eisenhower)
Freeway;Southwest Freeway from 7th Street SW. to 14th Street SW.;14th
Street SW. from Southwest Freeway to Independence Avenue (Alt. 50);
Independence Avenue from 14th Street SW. to 17th Street SW.; 17th Street
from Independence Avenue to Constitution Avenue; Constitution Avenue from
17th Street NW. to 19th Street NW.; and19th Street NW. from Constitution
Avenue to K Street NW.

This request does not apply to executive branch employees in the affected
area who cannot be excused for reasons of national security, defense, or other
comparable public business. This request also does not apply with respect to
employees located in the Smithsonian museums or other Federally-operated museums
located within the area described above, including the National Archives and the
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, all of which will remain open during their
normal hours of operation. In addition, to reduce vehicular traffic, we
ask that you encourage those executive branch employees with duty stations
elsewhere in Washington, DC, or Arlington, VA, and who can be spared from their
normal duties on April 23, to use their annual leave or compensatory time off
(if available) on that day. Employees under alternative work schedules (AWS)
(i.e., flexible or compressed work schedules) should be encouraged to schedule
their AWS day off or use credit hours (if available) on April 23. With
supervisory approval under a written telecommuting agreement, you may also allow
employees to work at home or at a telecenter on April 23. Employees who do
report for work on April 23 should be encouraged to use public
transportation.We will issue pay and leave administration instructions
separately to agencies with employees excused from duty for the NATO Summit.
Questions may be referred to the Office of Compensation Administration on (202)
606-2858, or by FAX on (202) 606-0824 or email at

3:38:15 PM on Wednesday, August 20, 2003