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2020 Office of Personnel Management Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

Thursday, June 25, 2020
Michael Rigas, Acting Director
2020 Office of Personnel Management Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

Earlier this spring, in light of the global pandemic, we postponed the OPM Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (OPM FEVS) in order to allow agencies to focus on their mission critical work. 

The 2020 OPM FEVS will begin on July 13, 2020 and has been updated to achieve our goal of a responsive survey program. Responding to requests from multiple agencies to ease administrative burden, we streamlined the core set of standard items for 2020. As in prior years, the survey will include widely used Employee Engagement and Global Satisfaction indices. Agency participation in the OPM FEVS will continue to satisfy statutory requirements as well through inclusion of the Annual Employee Survey Items in regulation. Maintaining half of the core items from prior OPM FEVS administrations addresses the needs of stakeholders by facilitating transparency through a comparison of survey results across agencies and across time.

New this year will be a comprehensive section addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, with questions that allow identification of ways in which employees continued to achieve missions in the face of an unprecedented pandemic. The addition of the section aligns with Congressional interests and agency requests and will resonate well with respondents.

The OPM FEVS continues to be one of the most powerful platforms for Federal employees to share their opinions and perceptions regarding work experiences influencing productivity.  With the addition of the COVID-19 pandemic section, the survey also provides employees an opportunity to participate in data collection with the potential to shape future policies and interagency learning regarding human capital management in the face of an emergency. The OPM FEVS continues to support ongoing priorities including the President’s Management Agenda. Specifically, by providing the data necessary to support active management of employee engagement and performance, the data is used to assess progress on Cross-Agency Priority Goal 3. Moreover, by enabling leadership to identify improvements necessary to realize greater workplace effectiveness and efficiencies, survey results support and drive service, mission achievement, and stewardship across the Federal Government.

As for what to expect next, administration of the 2020 OPM FEVS will follow prior practice with invitations to employees sent in two waves, beginning the week of July 13th. Each agency’s survey will be open for six weeks. In 2020, every eligible employee will have a voice in the survey and will receive an invitation to participate in the OPM FEVS. OPM will continue to provide component reports at the lowest levels within agencies to drive improvement. The rollout of results reports to agencies will begin in October.  

When employees hear from leadership that their feedback is valued and used to make a difference in their agencies, they are more likely to provide feedback. The quality of the information your leadership team receives is improved when you support employee participation in the survey.

As we near the 2020 OPM FEVS, please show your employees how you support the survey. If you have not done so yet, a good place to begin is by sharing results of the 2019 survey. Tell employees about steps being taken based on the findings within your agencies and what the outcomes of those efforts have been. In addition to sharing information, providing official time to complete the survey can help increase participation rates. These steps together send a powerful message that leadership values employee opinions.

If you are interested in seeing results from the 2019 OPM FEVS, and supplementary reports using the survey data, you can click on the following link: https//

Thank you for your assistance in helping to make the OPM FEVS a success. If you have any questions about the upcoming survey, please contact Dr. Kim Wells, Survey Manager, at or