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2019 Combined Federal Campaign

Tuesday, July 9, 2019
2019 Combined Federal Campaign

Through the annual Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), members of the Federal family demonstrate that our commitment to public service extends far beyond the workplace. Last year, Federal employees voluntarily participating in the CFC contributed more than $93 million to thousands of local, national, and international causes in both funds and volunteer time. 

This fall, the CFC open solicitation period will run from September 9, 2019, through January 12, 2020.  However, newly hired employees can begin a pledge at any time.

Your Leadership is Important

Your active and visible leadership is critical to a successful campaign.  With your help, we can assure that campaign workers in your organization reach every Federal employee to let them know how they can make a monetary contribution and pledge volunteer time to support organizations that help people in need.  This is important since employees are more likely to participate in the program if they are asked.

You also can encourage employees to become CFC leaders.  The success of the CFC is due; in no small part, to the dedicated service of Federal leaders who administer the campaign within their agencies and in 36 CFC Zones around the world. I strongly encourage you to allow select employees from your Department or Agency to serve on the Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC) in geographic areas where your organization has a substantial presence.  A strong LFCC is the foundation of a successful local campaign. 

Please encourage CFC leaders from among your employees to serve in this and other leadership opportunities such as CFC campaign managers, loaned executives, coordinators, and key workers to the extent permissible during and after the open solicitation period.  These positions are often a great way to develop professional skills, such as public speaking, financial accountability, and expertise in building public-private sector partnerships.  Leadership and service within the CFC also can help augment the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to advance to more senior level positions and eventually, into Senior Executive Service positions.

Benefits of CFC

OPM, has partnered with The Give Back Foundation (the central campaign administrator or CCA), to offer a national CFC Online Donation System (  As a result of feedback from local leaders and our donors, we are planning enhancements to the system for the 2019 campaign.  For employees who may not have access to or decide not to use the electronic giving system, we also will continue to make a paper pledge for available through the 2021 campaign year.

The CFC system increases transparency and ensures that the contributions from Federal, Postal, and Military personnel and retirees reach the people who need help the most. The benefits of the CFC to the government include:

·  All Federal, Postal, and military personnel have access to a single electronic giving platform

   that supports all charities across all Zones.

·  Simple and easy way for retirees to participate. Retirees can use their monthly annuity and/or

   credit card to contribute through the CFC. In 2018, Retirees pledged more than $1.5 million to

   their favorite charities through CFC.

·  Empowering donors to pledge volunteer time to help charities. CFC allows employees to

   give volunteer time in addition to monetary pledges.  In the first two years of this change,

   Federal employees pledged more than 24,000 hours (valued at more than $5 million) to

   their favorite causes.


As a reminder, to improve financial security, the CFC no longer accepts cash donations.  However, special events during your CFC season are still encouraged provided they focus on increasing employee awareness of CFC charities, their missions and bring a higher level of employee engagement into the workplace.  Popular CFC events such as bake sales or chili cook-offs are encouraged as campaign awareness and engagement events; however, their use as fund-raising events is no longer authorized.

If you have any questions, please email or call (202) 606-2564.


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