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Monday, March 13, 2017

Since its beginning as the Federal Human Capital Survey in 2002 to its evolution into the Federal Employee Viewpoint (FEVS) of today, the FEVS remains one of the most powerful platforms for employees to share their opinions and perceptions of their work experiences, their agency and their leadership.  The FEVS is an important way to let employees know that their opinions matter, while providing necessary resources for agency leadership to translate those opinions into results; and results into action. 

In addition to the opportunity for employees to voice their opinions on important aspects of their work environment, each year the FEVS has produced and improved upon the available resources that serve to enact agency change. For example, in 2016 the introduction of the agency “dashboard” style Annual Employee Survey (AES) report was applauded as an improvement on the original static way of reporting these results.  This more interactive dashboard was praised by agency POCs as a tool that helps streamline reporting.  In addition, the new AES design has provided many POCs with the ability to produce reports to leadership quickly and publish AES results in a timely manner. 

To provide you the best data possible we need your help.  Frequent and visible support from agency leadership is one of the most important factors driving employee participation and the ultimate success of the FEVS.  When employees know that leadership is listening, they are more willing to use their voices to be heard.  Please let your employees know you support the survey, that official time can be used to complete it, and that you will take their opinions seriously and are ready to take action. 

When the FEVS results are provided, please consider incorporating other sources of feedback within your agency including pulse surveys, focus groups, and other types of listening sessions. The results of the FEVS coupled with this additional data will help you to interpret results and translate the results into action. As in prior years, we stress that the best way to increase your agency’s response rate for this year is to showcase to employees what you have done with the FEVS results in the past. 

This year’s survey will be provided to agencies in two waves beginning at the beginning of May. Each agency’s survey will be open for six weeks, with the last surveys closing in late June.  Result reports will be provided on a rolling basis starting in August, 2017. 

Thank you for your assistance in helping to make the FEVS a success this year.  If you have any questions about the upcoming survey, please contact Dr. Kim Wells, Survey Analysis Manager, at or 202-606-9088.