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2011 Senior Executive Service Member Survey

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Chief Human Capital Officers
John Berry, Director
2011 Senior Executive Service Member Survey

This is issued to inform you the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) will conduct a new 2011 Senior Executive Service (SES) survey during the summer of 2011, using a tool similar to the 2008 OPM SES survey.  The purpose of this survey is to build upon data collected through the 2008 survey and to collect additional data relating to the human capital management of the SES, including the following areas:  recruitment; appointment; performance management; development; and retention.  OPM will make the survey available via e-mail to all career, non-career, and limited term SES members.


Additionally, over the course of the past year, the President’s Management Council (PMC) has focused on revitalizing the SES corps through improvements and innovations to the hiring, performance management and career development of Federal executives.  The results of the 2011 SES survey will also further inform the PMC Project on SES Improvements.  For your reference, OPM’s 2008 SES survey is available at:

Please encourage all of your SES members to respond to the new survey; the 2008 survey received a very impressive response rate, and OPM hopes to receive an even higher level of participation in the 2011 survey.  While OPM generally maintains contact information for SES members, OPM staff may contact your Executive Resources staff for updated or corrected information if necessary.Thank you for your attention to this matter.  If you have any questions about the upcoming survey, please contact Karen Lebing, Manager for Performance Management Implementation, Executive Resources and Employee Development, by telephone at 202-606-1633 or by e-mail at


cc:  Human Resources Director