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2010 Employee Viewpoint Survey

Wednesday, September 23, 2009
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John Berry, Director
2010 Employee Viewpoint Survey

In these times of unprecedented change, it is more critical than ever to maintain a focus on the Federal government’s most valuable asset - its employees. The Administration has set a course to make the Federal Government America’s model employer for the 21st century, but this goal cannot be attained without your visible support.  A critical component of this goal is measuring employee engagement and views on areas ranging from leadership to work/life balance as recent studies demonstrate that engagement leads to higher effort levels, productivity, and positive results for the organization. 

At the August Chief Human Capital Officers Council meeting, we announced that the Office of Personnel Management will administer the Employee Viewpoint survey (previously known as the Federal Human Capital Survey) on an annual basis, beginning in fiscal year 2010.  The survey will be administered during February and March of 2010 and results will be available in late June.

Actionable results are at the heart of the Employee Viewpoint survey.  The survey has been redesigned to include items that will make it easier for agencies to take actions based on survey results.  Your agency was provided a copy of the items suggested for the 2010 survey and we welcome the comments we received.  Now, we would like you to begin considering the major components of your agency that should receive reports of their survey results.   

Essential to the success of the survey is the designation of two agency points of contact:  1) a policy representative at the Chief of Staff or Assistant Secretary level who will provide your agency’s high level, visible support and leadership for the survey, and 2) a survey administration representative who will provide your agency’s day-to-day coordination of the survey and work with OPM staff throughout the entire process.  Your policy representative should work closely with your survey administration representative to identify the components of your agency where survey data is needed to drive organizational change.  A survey “kick off” meeting for survey administration representatives is planned for late October to provide more detailed information about this effort. 

Please send your agency policy and survey administration points of contact by September 30 to Ana A. Mazzi, Deputy Associate Director, at